green said...
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Anonymous said...

I just discovered this bloog and i must say that (in my point of view) this blog has a nice layout and nice thumbs from the covers but,

in one hand this is not a blog for a older jazz fan or/and collector (they should have allmost all of the offers)
in another hand this blog is not for begginers because the lack on information.

Anyway a nice layouted blog.

good loock with it!


green said...

Hey Anton -
Thank you very much for stating the obvious. You are absolutely right. I started this blog neither to offer rare albums nor to educate the beginners. I'm just simply posting my favorite albums (and albums that my friends have requested) for my friends. It is true, as you have kindly pointed out, that there are lots of collectors who don’t find this blog interesting at all. And perhaps there are some random visitors who might be frustrated by the lack of information they find on my blog, but no one has complained yet.

Anonymous said...

Anton - I have no idea exactly what you are looking for or want BUT I do call you wrong in saying that this is not the place for the older jazz fan - I have been listening to and studying jazz for over 40 years. Green here has offered some incredible treasures in the music selection - many are long since out of print.

my dear Green, you have my most devout respect for this little smoky corner of the internet - may hte music play here forever


green said...

Thank you mamarose!!!

upkerry14 said...

You can't please everyone an should not try. You post what you love. After all, the price is right :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for Dexter

Roger (UK)

Mike Cable said...

I appreciate this blog very much.

Michael said...

Thnaks hugely for this blog.

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